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The journey with GPS Tuner begins where all the roads end
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GPS Tuner was first launched in 2003. Success followed introduction shortly. Over the years it became a best-selling favourite GPS software among off-roaders as a reliable, versatile feature-packed application suiting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road users alike. After five years of continuous development of previous GPS Tuner versions GPS Tuner Kft. was founded in 2008. GPS Tuner is defining the next generation of off-road navigation software for PDAs, smartphones and dedicated devices. Our innovative software solution provides a versatile and reliable tool to all those people who are using to find their locations out-door. Be it a fisherman, a geologist, a cyclist,an off-road enthusiast or an extreme sports fan GPS Tuner is a solution for all. GPS Tuner software brings users to a world where outdoor activities are part of our everyday lives. Using our mobile off-road solution breaks down borders at the touch of a button. The journey with GPS Tuner begins where all the roads end.

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